Our love for earth,
water and air helped
us identify a gap.


As we sought eco-friendly products ourselves, we faced two issues. We were never sure if the products we were buying were truly eco-friendly. And we had to go to several places to find them. What if there could be a single marketplace for verified eco-friendly products? What if that place could also help eco-innovators get their emerging products to the market? That’s how EcoWorkx was born.


Inspire and enable people to go the eco-friendly way to create more sustainable lifestyles.


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Verify the products for their environmental impact

Asset 20@4x

Identify products, services and vendors dealing with eco-friendly products and on-board them as part of our marketplace

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Raise awareness of eco-friendly living as necessary and not tedious or expensive



We will manage our people, work with our supplier and distribution partners and conduct our business with the highest levels of ethics and honesty. In every situation, we will make an effort to do the ‘right thing.’


We will own up to our actions and decisions irrespective of the outcome. We will function as a responsible corporate citizen and support our employees, contractors, partners, clients and the wider community in the most sustainable way possible.


All team members will work in a collaborative fashion and create an environment of affection and support. When there’s an issue with a person, practice or policy, we will take the initiative to ‘talk it out’ and not delay dealing with it.


We will only promote products and services that are verified to be eco-friendly – follow the tenets of reduce, reuse, replace or recycle. Our products will be of value for our customers and should inspire them to lead a sustainable lifestyle.


K.S Muralimohan - Director

Muralimohan is an entrepreneur and has spent the past three decades in the packaging industry. Numerous requests from clients for eco-friendly packaging alternatives led him to think up the business idea of EcoWorkx. His vast experience will guide us in running EcoWorkx as a strong and viable eco-business.

K.M Naganayan - Director

Naganayan (Nayan) has held diverse roles in industries like IT, packaging, food, service and event management. An avid traveller who likes to be close to nature, Nayan keenly believes in our collective need to go eco-friendly. He experienced first-hand the twin challenges of finding genuine eco-friendly products and purchasing them in an easy manner. From his experiences, the idea of a verified eco-friendly products store emerged. And that was the genesis of EcoWorkx.

Priya Vinod - Director

Priya Vinod dons many hats. She is a software quality analyst and an early childhood educator. She is also a cooking and home interiors blogger (check out My Magical Kitchen). Having lived in multiple growing cities in India and completed a seven-year stint in Central America, Priya has had the opportunity to understand the human impact on Mother Earth. She was deeply impressed with the National movement in Costa Rica to protect and nourish what nature has given us. EcoWorkx, as a concept, was an instant hit with Priya and she has enthusiastically engaged with the team.

Dr Suma Arvind - Director

Dr Suma practices holistic care and patient well-being across India and the US. She firmly believes health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between mind, body and spirit. This balance can be achieved only when we are truly self-aware and maintain our connection to nature. Her insights and her deep knowledge of Ayurveda have enabled her to help in the betterment of our environment. She is delighted to align her passion with purpose by being part of the EcoWorkx team.

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