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What is an eco-friendly product?

An eco-friendly product is one that performs its function with minimal or zero effect on the environment. It could save resources like water, use bio-degradable materials that reduce pollution, or avoid harmful ingredients in the production.

What are the criteria for a product to be judged eco-friendly?

For a product to be judged ‘eco-friendly’ it needs to inflict minimal or zero harm on the environment on three levels:
  1. Production: Materials used should be recyclable and the methods of production should not waste or harm the environment
  2. Use: The usage of the product should not inflict damage on the environment’s resources like air or water
  3. Disposal: After consumption, the product should be capable of being disposed in a bio-degradable manner

Why do eco-friendly products seem priced more than others?

Eco-friendly products are marginally more expensive than because they require more labour and time to make and do not enjoy the same scale as unconventional products. But this is a very small ‘price’ to pay! The benefits far outweigh the costs. We stand to improve our health and preserve the environment. With more people embracing eco-friendly practices, the cost of production and adoption are expected to decline in the near future. So make the smart choice now!

What is an ‘organic’ product?

A product is called organic when it is produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic or chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, bioengineering, sewage sludge, and ionized irradiation. In the case of animal produce such as meat or dairy products, the animals should not be fed antibiotics and growth hormones to be considered organic.

How does ‘organic’ differ from ‘natural’?

Natural products have minimal synthetic or chemical processing and are closer to naturally derived plant or animal extracts. Organic products are strictly regulated and require stringent compliance to standards specified by certification authorities unlike natural products that do not require certification. However they are safer than conventional products.

How do I know if an eco-friendly product is verified?

All organic producers must obtain certification from their respective national certification agencies. These certificates are provided after thorough inspection of production methods and processing. Currently there is no single credible authority that gives the ‘green’ signal on these products. That’s why we at EcoWorkx have created some parameters based on which we test products for their eco-friendly quotient.

Why do eco-friendly products look dull or irregular?

Synthetic products use a lot of colouring and fragrance agents to make them attractive. Eco-friendly products do not do this. These products allow materials to follow their natural pace of growth. That’s why food items may look dull or irregular in shape. Soaps may not produce much foam; creams may not last long on the skin. But these characteristics are not ‘imperfect.’ They are natural and perform their function adequately without harming humans or the environment.

What are some eco-friendly products I can use right now?

Good question! You don’t have to go through a lot of time, cost and effort to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are 10 products you can switch to in your daily life right now that will make a small but significant impact on the environment and your own health!

  • Cloth shopping bags

  • Clothes made of recycled fabric

  • Cloth tissues

  • Glass bottles

  • Rechargeable batteries

  • House cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil and water

  • Solar powered water heaters

  • Solar phone charger

  • LED bulbs

  • Bamboo furniture

View the products on this site, and make the smart decision to switch today!

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